1900 East 8th Street
Davis, CA 95616
Fax: (530) 758-8521
E-mail: steac@steac.org
Hotline (530) 758-8435


STEAC provides assistance to low income residents of Yolo County with these programs:

  • Homeless Prevention Programs

    STEAC helps Yolo Countyís low-income residents through an emergency in order to keep them from joining the ranks of the homeless.

    Eviction Prevention Program — STEAC provides rental assistance to keep low-income residents from being evicted.

    Utility Assistance Program — Cash assistance is given to prevent utilities from being turned off or to have them restored.

  • Road to Independence Programs

    With these programs, STEAC helps low-income residents overcome the barriers to moving into long-term housing.

    First Monthís Rent Program — STEAC provides cash assistance to help pay for first monthís rent in long-term housing.

    Suit Up for Success Program — In partnership with All Things Right & Relevant clothing store, STEAC provides free clothes for clients to wear for job Interviews.

  • Helping Hand Programs

    Free Food Program — STEAC provides enough free food to Davis residents for three meals a day for five days for each member of the family.

    Everyday Expenses Program — Cash assistance is provided for expenses, such as DMV driverís licenses and identification cards.

    Free Clothing Program — Free clothing is distributed to Yolo County residents out of a Davis clothes closet.

    Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program — Food and gifts are donated to low income Davis families during the December holiday season.

  • Community Awareness Program

    STEAC expands the awareness of community needs by encouraging residents to volunteer to provide services to low-income residents.

    Community Volunteers Program
    STEAC encourages residents to become more aware of community problems and needs by serving as a volunteer. Volunteers work on:

    • Collecting and distributing food.
    • Distributing free clothing.
    • Assisting in the office with taking referrals and other office duties.
    • Helping with the annual holiday programs
    • Raising funds to pay for the assistance.