1900 East 8th Street
Davis, CA 95616
Fax: (530) 758-8521
E-mail: steac@steac.org
Hotline (530) 758-8435

STEAC helps Yolo County’s low-income residents through a temporary housing emergency with these programs and services:


Rental Assistance -- Preventing Evictions

STEAC provides emergency rental assistance so that low-income residents can pay rent and not be evicted from their homes.

First Month's Rent -- Helping Overcome Housing Barrier

STEAC provides cash assistance to help residents pay for first month’s rent in long-term housing.

Utility Assistance -- Keeping Power from Being Cut Off

Cash assistance is given to residents in order to prevent utilities from being turned off or to have them restored..

LIMITATIONS ON ASSISTANCE -- STEAC pay only up to $600 in cash assistance for rent and $200 for utilities. Recipient must show that other funds are available to pay the rest of the month's rent. Assistance for rent and utilities is provided to residents of Yolo County. Residents can receive rent and utility assistance every two years. STEAC accepts requests for assistance only by referrals from nonprofit or government agencies. Free food from the closet is provided only to Davis residents. recipients are limited to receiving food once per month. Assistance as part of the Holiday Program is available only to Davis residents.


With this program, STEAC helps residents overcome the barriers to becoming employed with these services:

Education -- Gaining Job Skills

STEAC provides funding for students to buy books at Woodland Community College.

Employment -- Getting Licenses Needed to Work

STEAC pays for courses needed for residents to operate a forklift and safely handle food.

Family Expenses -- Helping with Day-to-Day Essentials

Assistance is provide to pay for living expenses, such as for legal documents, drivers licenses, bus passes and more.

Suit Up for Success -- Providing Clothes for Job Seekers

In partnership with All Things Right & Relevant (R&R) and My Sister’s Closet consignment stores, clothing is provided for job seekers to wear at Interviews. Clothing donations to support the program can be made at R&R (rrconsignments.org; 759-9648 in Davis and My Sister’s Closet in Woodland (no website; 530-669-6739). Please call the STEAC office at 530-758-8435 to find out how to make clothing donations or contact the stores directly. Clothing must be seasonal, clean and wrinkle-free. DONATED CLOTHING CAN BE CASUAL LIKE JEANS OR COTTON TOPS, OR MORE FORMAL WORK ATTIRE LIKE SUITS, JACKETS, ETC. ALL donated items support the program - proceeds from the sale of donated items fund an account that pays for interview outfits. Be sure to ask that the donated items be put on consignment for STEAC’s Suit Up for Success Program.


STEAC lends a helping hand by providing everyday needs for the most vulnerable residents with these services:

Distributing Free Food

STEAC provides enough free food to Davis residents for five days worth of meals from a food closet that is located on city-owner property in the central part of Davis.

'Adopting' Needy Families and Providing a Cheerful Holiday Season

Thanks to generous donations and volunteer efforts in the annual Holiday Adopt-A-Family effort by individuals, students, service and community groups and public agencies, STEAC annually helps over 400 low-income families in Davis have a happy holiday season with gifts, food and warm winter coats, enough to fill an entire meeting room at the First Baptist Church in Davis.


With these strategies, STEAC expands the awareness of community needs by encouraging volunteerism and by partnering with other nonprofits:

Community Volunteers -- Promoting Awareness of Issues

STEAC encourages residents to become more aware of community problems and needs by serving as a volunteer. STEAC volunteers work on:
-- Collecting and distributing food.
-- Answering the telephone services line.
-- Assisting with office work.
-- Helping with the holiday program.

Partnership Coalitions -- Promotes Efficient Service Delivery

STEAC is an active participation in the work of the Yolo County Homeless and Poverty Action Coalition, Yolo Nonprofit Leaders Alliance and other coalitions working to ensure efficient delivery of services.