STEAC helps Yolo County's low-income residents through temporary housing emergencies.

STEAC Homelessness Prevention Program Facts (FY 2020-2021)

How do we fight homelessness in our community?

  • 220 families including 268 children avoided an eviction.
  • 42 families including 39 children moved from homelessness into a permanent home.
  • 43 families including 58 children received help with bills including utility and medical bills.
  • $236,000 in cash assistance provided to low-income members of our community.


Do programs like these make a difference?

81% of tenants receiving rental assistance
from STEAC following an eviction notice were still
living at the same location six months later.

(Source: STEAC Landlord Surveys from the calendar year 2020)


What is the need?

According the latest Census Bureau Survey:

  • Over 1 million California renter households are currently behind on rent.
  • 28% of California renter households report they are very likely to be evicted in the next two months.
  • 655 individuals in Yolo County were homeless on a single night in 2019 including 86 children. Those numbers are expected to have grown during the pandemic.

How can you help?

  • Donate money to STEAC online or by sending a check in the mail. A $1,000 donation keeps one family from experiencing homelessness.
  • Join over 570 volunteer donors who contribute food every two months through the STEAC Food Project.
  • Join our community partners like: Boy and Girl Scouts, Postal Workers, Davis Realtors, schools and religious organizations during their food drives, or sponsor a food drive.
  • Join our volunteers who staff and support the STEAC Food Pantry, food drives and our office work. Volunteer Application