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About Us


The mission of STEAC is to provide immediate short-term assistance with basic necessities to Yolo County families and individuals with income below the poverty level. Assistance may include help with rent, utilities, furniture, clothing, food and other basic necessities.

STEAC is committed to enlarging the social awareness of the community and to providing opportunities for local citizens to help others in need.

History: A Rainstorm of Need

STEAC is an organization that was born out of a rainstorm.
In 1967, late spring rains inundated the rural areas of Yolo County, keeping many of the county’s migrant workers from the fields. Without pay, the workers had no way to pay for food or housing, so many lived in their cars. Their requests for food flooded area churches.

Under the leadership of a committee of key volunteers, STEAC was born to provide emergency aid to those workers.

The group’s first “office” was on a volunteer’s kitchen table. Names of friends were kept on 3x5 cards in a recipe box. The client-help phone service was run out of a kitchen of a home in Davis.

Volunteers did everything – from donating money to delivering food to baby sitting for those in need.

STEAC has expanded since those early days, but the model remains the same — caring volunteers providing essential services for the county’s needy.

STEAC Board & Staff

Policy for STEAC is set by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, whose members include:

STEAC Board of Directors Roster 2014

Name Position Residence
Jana Tuton President Davis
Will Benware First Vice President Davis
Pam Baird Secretary Davis
Marshall Miller Treasurer Davis
Susan and Mike Carl Members Davis
Debra Denton Member Davis

The board and the executive committee meet bi-monthly. The organizational structure is established by STEAC's Articles of Incorporation and the operations are guided by the STEAC Bylaws.


Tom Martens, Executive Director, 530-758-8435. E-mail: tmartens@steac.org

Katy Zane, Associate Executive Director, 530-758-8435. E-mail: kzane@steac.org

Mary Fichera, Office Manager, 530-758-8435. E-mail: mfichera@steac.org

Operating Structure

STEAC is a nonprofit, public benefit California corporation and has earned tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. That means contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law (TAX ID: 94-6138684).

Income for nearly 80 percent of STEAC’s budget is provided by charitable donations. Some 2,350 generous “friends” provide the funding to pay for operation and contribute to special funds that are earmarked for specific emergency needs. STEAC also receives financial support from businesses, University of California Davis employees, students, churches and from foundations. The remaining funds are provided by government grants.

The “friends” provide support with gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds and non-cash items, such as property. STEAC also receives financial support in the form of planned gifts, such as bequests memorials and other deferred giving vehicles. STEAC is a United Way agency (#00040), so supporters can donate through their workplace.

Policy at STEAC is set by a 9-member Board of Directors, whose members are volunteers from the various regions in Yolo County.

The board, which meets bi-monthly, gets advice from volunteers who work through a network of committees. This working relationship is guided by an organizational flow chart (pdf. file).

Accomplishments Highlights

Eviction Prevention Program — Provided emergency rental assistance to prevent eviction to 97 families, consisting of 150 adults and 163 children.
First Month's Rent Program — Provided emergency first month's rent assistance to 77 families, consisting of 106 adults and 144 children.
Other Assistance Program — Provided emergency assistance in the form of money for gas, prescriptions, birth certificates, California DMV identification card and driver’s licenses etc., to 216 families.
Utility Assistance Program — Provided emergency assistance to keep utilities from being shut off or to have them restored to 65 families.
Community Service Program — Volunteers provided 15,000 hours of service to the community by providing emergency services.
Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program — Assisted 373 families with the 2008 Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program.
Education Assistance Program — Provided 72 adults (32 cases) with assistance for tuition, textbooks and other class material.
Suit up for success Program — Assisted 109 adults (78 cases) with clothing from the All Things Right & Relevant clothing store, in Davis, and My Sister’s Closet, in Woodland, to wear for job interviews.
Last 5 Years
Nearly 35,000 people served
$593,745 paid in emergency assistance
Over 100,000 hours donated by volunteers
$143,956 in 1st month’s rent provided for 428 families
$192,304 in eviction-prevention funds distributed to 622 families
$ 33,585 provided for short-term housing to 778 families
$ 69,580 paid for utilities to nearly 900 families
$ 30,684 paid for education assistance
Over 3,800 individuals helped with clothing
Nearly 6,500 individuals assisted with food
Over 280,000 meals given
Nearly 4,000 gift and good boxes provided at the holidays.
Accomplishments Beyond Measurement
Became one of Yolo County’s oldest nonprofit organizations.
Played a role in keeping families together.
Brightened many holidays for the needy.
Set the model for providing service to the public with a low administrative overhead.
Introduced many to the world of volunteerism.
Helped create a generation of charitable donors.


Here is a chart showing the number of low-income residents who were served by STEAC in 2013. It also shows where the clients live and which agency referred them to us for assistance.

< See STEAC services chart in PDF format >

< See STEAC services chart in PDF format >


STEAC is affiliated with the following organizations:

  • United Way Capital Region (covers Sacramento metropolitan area and Davis) (ID#: 0040)
  • United Way Woodland (covers Woodland) (ID#: 0040)
  • Yolo County Homeless and Poverty Action Coalition
  • Davis Stakeholders Group on Panhandling and Homelessness
  • Northern California/Central Valley Alliance of Homeless Service Providers